Transfer Simulation Software Pricing

T-SIM 4.0 Lite
  • Great for Die Designers and Die Build shops. Simulate your tooling before any steel is cut.
  • Eliminate clash and clearance issues for smooth home line runoffs.
  • Identify and remove bottlenecks.
  • Starting at $1495/month
  • $2500 setup fee
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T-SIM 4.0 Full
  • Perfect for OEM’s, stamping production facilities, die designers, and die builders.
  • Maximize production rates and capacity.
  • Improve efficiency of tool changeover.
  • 100% Optimization Guaranteed.
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T-SIM 4.0 Ultimate
  • Maximize your ROI, boost your bottom line, and even start your own business with the Ultimate T-SIM 4.0.
  • Includes: T-SIM 4.0 Full, T-SIM Management Software, and more.
  • T-SIM Service Provider Ready (provide simulations as a service).
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