Transfer Simulation Frequently Asked Questions



Is T-Sim 4.0 available for purchase?

T-Sim 4.0 is launching in June 2016 and will be available for lease or purchase, depending on your specific business and industry. Learn more about our T-Sim 4.0 Software.

I am an automation supplier. How can T-Sim Transfer Simulation software help me?

T-Sim Transfer simulation software will help you by reducing the on-site time required to set up fingers & grippers, as well as debugging and troubleshooting time. Improve customer satisfaction by providing projects that work better, setup faster, and run higher production rates. Eliminate trial and error programming time, do it automatically in T-Sim software. T-Sim software is compatible with the LEAN principles you already abide by.

I am a press manufacturer. How can T-Sim Transfer Simulation software help me?

T-Sim press line simulation software provides a value-add for your end customer, the stamper. Sell more presses because they come pre-optimized, achieving maximum SPM right out of the box. What good is a fast race car, if the driver doesn't know how to drive it? Separate yourself from other press manufacturers by adding T-Sim tool to your press. Reduce the ROI time for your customers.

I am a die designer. How can T-Sim Transfer Simulation software help me?

Eliminate "baby-sitting" time after delivery of completed projects. Reduce headaches and phone calls after delivery. Increase value-added for your customers. Your die design will not only make good parts, but make them faster than the competition. Designs can now be completed faster and with greater consistency with the added benefit of 3-D motion curves showing paths of fingers up front. Virtually eliminate errors.

I am a die build shop. How can T-Sim Transfer Simulation software help me?

Ship dies once. Eliminate on-site trouble-shooting problems at home-line runoff. Reduce the possibility for unforeseen expenses. More value-added for your customer the stamper because they get a die that makes more parts in less time. Shorten delivery times knowing the die will work from day die build cost reduced.

I am a stamping facility. How can T-Sim Transfer Simulation software help me?

Dies work perfectly from day one. Your production press spends more time doing what it should (making parts) rather than spent trying to get new arrivals to work (troubleshooting). Setup personnel can setup automation at the bench rather than in the press. Workers spend far less time in the press envelope (danger zone). LEAN & GREEN = less total energy / electricity spent to make same number of parts because of higher possible SPM. Faster ROI on cost of dies. More dies per press because all dies have higher SPM (more press time available). Reduce capital expenditures on new presses and automation systems because you are MAXIMIZING what you already have. Better scheduling of press time. Better balancing dies amongst your presses = more balanced workload. Less man-hours required for initial setup and programming of new jobs. Dies run at highest possible SPM period. Human factor and guesswork are replaced by software, mathematics, and science. Bottlenecks that limit production rates were identified and fixed long ago, before tool was built and shipped.

How many computers can I install T-Sim 4.0 on?

One license can be installed on one computer each. There are floating license options available. Contact for details.

Are you the same as TSIM Software?

No, we don't just provide software, we provide solutions. We have nothing to do with Tissue Structure Information Modeling Software

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