Crossbar Simulation Software

Crossbar transfers are optimized with T-SIM Software

T-SIM Software is now capable of Cross Bar Transfer Simulation!! Synchronized cross bar, multi-slide cross bar and even independent slide movements between stations.

Typically, die designs are very different for cross bar transfer vs tri axis transfers, or at least they should be. Customers who only have experience in tri-axis, often don’t account for the design differences that are needed to efficiently run cross bar transfers within a transfer press. In some cases, tooling that has been originally designed for tri-axis is later converted to run in cross bar mode as an attempt to provide better part control and to eliminate issues that were caused from excessive part sag or weak addendums. While this often “works” production rates could be much higher with optimization of the transfer curves.

If you are considering Cross Bar Transfers or you currently have Tri-Axis tooling that is experiencing issues, T-SIM Solutions can help!

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