100% Transfer Press Optimization Guarantee

50% Faster Simulations & 40% Faster Production Rates

Our customers immediately see a return on their investment as initial setup and HLRO is completed. That's our 100% Optimization Guarantee.

Maximizing your SPM and improving setup time by more than 300% is easier than you would believe with a T-SIM transfer press simulation.


Our Transfer Press Simulation Reports Include:

  • SPM (Optimized) - with less than a 5% margin of error (before tools are built!)
  • Clash Violations
  • Clearance Violations
  • Required Tool Design Changes
  • Changes for Optimization

Each reported violation or change will also include specific details with:

  • Violation Types
  • Crash Description Details (or Near-Miss Details)
  • Simulation Visuals (3D Images and/or Video)
  • Specific Location & Position Settings (of problem areas)
  • Solutions & Remedies for Specific Correction Action

What does this mean for you?

T-SIM Press Line Simulation Software for Piece-of-Mind, Smooth Home-Line Runoffs, and Maximum Production Rates.

Stampers, Tool Chasers & Project Managers:

  • Eliminate clashes & clearance issues before tools are built
  • Minimize initial setup time for tooling
  • Ensure a smooth and successful Home Line Run Off
  • Optimize transfer & press motion for maximum productivity
  • Increase production efficiency for tooling already in production

Build Shops:

Keep your reputation intact and eliminate die reworking or shipping tools back and forth by getting it right the first time. No matter what design software or programs you use, we can run press line simulations.

Transfer System Designers

  • Prove your transfer system design before prototype is built
  • No need to staff a person for a week at the stamping facility during implementation
  • Better service your press customers and save them money

Start Now, it takes less than a minute

Increase production rates, Get rid of headaches!