Our Vision

Transfer Die Optimization

With over 10 years of development and refinement, our vision to virtually analyze, animate, and optimize Transfer Die files BEFORE they go to "first run" or even tooling, is a reality! T-SIM software is taking the Transfer Die industry by storm!

Why is Transfer Die Optimization so Important

The days of designing merely "acceptable" transfer dies, releasing the tool, then crossing your fingers hoping you don't get a desperate call from the stamper during tryout and home-line run off, are over. With T-SIM software, every mechanical action and part-movement of the press transfer process is analyzed and collectively optimized for maximum efficiency and complete avoidance of crashes or near-misses... before tooling!

With no guesswork, accurate SPMs are calculated for use in cost analysis and quoting. In our 10 years of testing T-SIM software on thousands of our own, and our customer's Transfer Die files on all presses including mechanical and servo, we have consistently increased production by 15 - 40%. You will realize substantial cost savings, which means higher profits and more competitive bidding. With accurate Opportunity Cost scenarios, you will also know for sure which of your presses will work most efficiently for each parts run, and your increased efficiency conserves press-hours, so you'll have more time to run more jobs.

With T-SIM software, our vision is now your reality!

Benefits of Transfer Die Optimization

  • Maximize your profits
  • Realize higher production rates
  • Faster ROI for new equipment
  • T-SIM works with ANY press, ANY design, and ANY tri-axis transfer
  • Dies run crash free!
  • Avoid problems & headaches

Increase production rates, Get rid of headaches!

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