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T-SIM software averages a 40% increase in production speeds when used to optimize existing tools.

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T-SIM Software works with ALL presses and ALL transfer systems

To calculate your ROI, let’s start by entering some basic information about an "Average" production tool

Enter Current Production Rate SPM

Enter Annual Production Volume Units

Enter Press Hourly Burden Rate $ Per Hour

Press Hours Required to Meet Annual Requirements

Current Press Hours Required

After T-SIM Press Hours Required

Press Hours Saved

Total Production Cost

Current Production Cost

After T-SIM Production Cost

Annual Cost Savings on One Tool

ROI is made in Production Hours

On ONE Job, you are now saving ANNUALLY and you have hours of additional open capacity in this press.

How many total transfer dies are currently running or will be running in this transfer press?

If you optimize all jobs in this One Transfer Press, you could be saving approximately in annual production cost by simply stamping the same number of parts in less time.

In addition to the Cost Savings, you also have hours in free press time to take on additional projects.

Not only producing more parts but with smoother transfer curves

Does your organization have more than one transfer press?

How many transfer presses does your organization have?

Total Presses

Imagine if you were to optimize all presses.

If they are similar to the first press, you could have somewhere around total jobs that are ready to be optimized.

Based on our average results that could be in annual cost savings and hours of open press capacity... annually!

Imagine... you might even have time for some preventative maintenance!

Let’s look at a 5-Year Cost Saving

If you are using T-SIM service department to do all the work, you would average around $4,500 per optimization

total jobs would be an approximate investment of

5-Year cost savings would be

Does this sound too good to be true?

Results vary from customer to customer
so let’s look at what our customers have experienced.

Low End

Our lowest performing customer is currently
averaging an 18% SPM increase on their jobs.

Even at 18%, that still equates to an annual savings
of with total jobs.

High End

Our best performing customer is currently
averaging 47% SPM increases on their jobs.

At 47%, that would be a Total Production Cost Savings
of annually with total jobs.

Every customer is different, and there is only way to truly know how much T-SIM can improve your production rates and that is to give us a chance to prove it.

We will offer you a NO RISK optimization. NO PO is necessary! If you don’t like the results, you don’t pay for it. Simple as that.