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Transfer Press Simulation Software T-Sim 4.0

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T-Sim Transfer Press Simulation Software was developed over the course of 12 years, and was the first of its kind on the market to analyze and optimize the transfer press process. It's easy to use and extremely intuitive. T-Sim Software analyzes your files, fixes clash and clearance violations, notifies you of required tool design changes, and makes adjustments for the fastest achievable SPM. No more trial and error. All of this can be done before "first run" or even tooling, and it works with Servo, Mechanical & Hydraulic presses REGARDLESS of MANUFACTURER. You'll avoid headaches and die rework, and your parts will get to market quicker. You can even optimize current tooling for increasing production with existing transfer presses! Don't wait for the usual problems and potential crashes at your next home line run off, get your own transfer press simulation software today!

T-Sim Transfer Press Simulation Software is compatible with:

  • ALL Presses including Servo, Mechanical & Hydraulic presses REGARDLESS of the MANUFACTURER
  • ALL Tri-Axis Transfer Systems available on the market today

How Transfer Press Simulation Software Benefits You

  • Faster Time to Market
  • Eliminate Trial & Error
  • Seamless Tool Setup
  • Streamlined Communication
  • Accurate Capacity Planning
  • Fastest Production Rates Possible

T-Sim 4.0 Lite

  • Great for Die Designers and Die Build shops. Simulate your tooling before any steel is cut.
  • Eliminate clash and clearance issues for smooth home line runoffs.
  • Identify and remove bottlenecks.

T-Sim 4.0 Full

  • Perfect for OEM’s, stamping production facilities, die designers, and die builders.
  • Maximize production rates and capacity.
  • Improve efficiency of tool changeover.
  • 100% Optimization Guaranteed.

T-Sim 4.0 Ultimate

  • Maximize your ROI, boost your bottom line, and even start your own business with the Ultimate T-Sim 4.0 transfer simulation package.
  • Includes: T-Sim 4.0 Full, T-Sim Management Software, and more.
  • T-Sim Service Provider Ready (provide simulations as a service)
Still not convinced? We also provide Transfer Simulations as a service

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