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At T-SIM Solutions, we understand that making a business case to purchase our software can be a difficult endeavor.

Most people understands that simulating new tool designs can dramatically improve setup time and prevent all sorts of headaches when new jobs go into the press.

What most people don’t understand is that T-SIM software OPTIMIZES the job recipes (or curves as some people call them) so your jobs will run smoother and at a higher stroke rate

It can be difficult to explain why T-SIM optimization has made us the world’s leader and foremost expert in tri-axis transfer improvements, so how about we show you instead?

To show exactly how T-SIM can help your organization, we have put together 3 options to take the first small step!

Option 1:

Optimization of 3 existing tools with a 10% average increase Guarantee! (Service)

Cost: $15,000 total ($5,000 per project)

Time Commitment: Approx 10-15 hours total

We are going to provide an optimization service on 3 tools currently running in your plant. Deliverables for each of the 3 jobs will include 1-3 variations of optimized recipes.

The first is a T-SIM optimized recipe to run faster and/or smoother without any physical changes to the tooling. This recipe will provide immediate feedback and results. In addition to that, we will provide another optimized recipe with supporting CAR (corrective action report) for simple changes that will improve SPM or part control such as milling pockets, shortening gages, chamfering castings, re-locating existing automation, etc. (if applicable) Lastly, if there is an option for a more dramatic change that would have large implications on the job, we would present that information as well. Each job will be personally reviewed with your team so you can always ask for advice or more data.

Existing Tool Optimization - 3 Tools with a 10% Minumum Increase - Guaranteed! Download our FABTECH - 3 Tool Special

Option 2:

T-SIM Software Trial License to Optimize 10 existing tools running in production! (Software)

Cost: $15,000 total ($1,500 per project

Time Commitment: Approx 10-30 hours to complete training program. 8-15 hours to walk through first 2 jobs with T-SIM CSM and then approx. 4-5 hours for each job after that. In total approx. 58-100 hour commitment depending on skill sets and experience

Whether you already have an internal staff member or you plan to bring on a mechanical student intern, T-SIM will train your user and they will be able to optimize 10 jobs and present to you the data to make decisions (if applicable).

Trial License for T-SIM Transfer Simulation Software with Full Optimization includes:

  • (1) 120-day floating license installed on up to (2) computers.
  • Projects launch in less than one shift
  • Up to (10) projects (maximum)
  • (1) Level 1 T-SIM Press Template (You can create your own templates for additional presses)
  • Access to T-SIM training materials (Up to 3 learners)
  • (A dedicated CSM (Customer Success Manager) for support and training.
  • (120) day licenses for the T-SIM Data Tool and T-SIM Press Room Version Software.
  • Software updates as they become available

Option 3:

Complementary license for T-SIM Press Room Version Software (Software/Service)

Cost: Free

Time Commitment: Approx 5 minutes to edit company standards to include “All new transfer tools must be delivered with a *T-SIM Settings File for use with T-SIM Press Room Version Software”. Additional 5-10 minutes for each new tool launch to refine and further optimize recipe.

Adding T-SIM to your standards and getting your own T-SIM press room software is by far the easiest way to ensure all new tools will setup quickly and run at the highest possible production rates on day one.

Complimentary License for T-SIM Press Room Version Software Download our T-SIM Press Room Version Software Summary PDF or visit T-SIM Press Room Software to view a software demonstration

Please reach out with any questions or concerns. Our representatives are ready to learn about your specific organization needs and help develop a plan to reach your goals click here to start!


Increase production rates, Get rid of headaches!

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