T-SIM Existing Tool Prioritization Process

T-SIM has been working closely with our software customers and development partners to create a prioritization process will help our customers plan the most efficient route to increase press capacity using T-SIM Software. This process has allowed T-SIM Software customers to go from running production 3 shifts, 7 days per week, all the way down to 2 shifts, 4-5 days per week in very short periods of time.

After working closely with our customers to understand how they were so successful, so quickly, we developed a full training program within our Learning Management System so we would be able to teach our new software customers these same techniques.

In addition to the trainings, we also created a corresponding spreadsheet that allows anyone to create a solid business case for using T-SIM software. The spreadsheet allows anyone at a plant to narrow down the jobs that will likely have the highest immediate results. At same time, they can request smaller budgets to take baby steps while working with T-SIM and proving out the results along the way.

The simple version of the process looks like this:

1- Pick a transfer press that is at or near capacity

Find a press that has excessive overtime, lots of downtime, or is just at or near capacity

2- Enter in basic job information and select the current bottleneck for each job

Put in the basic job info, quantity, quoted rate, etc. Once you have that information, add the intial SPM (what the job is currently running) and the bottleneck (What happens where you try to exceed the initial SPM?) Don't worry, this is a lot easier than you might think and we will train you or your people to get this step completed.

3- Create the business case

Select 3-5 jobs where the current bottleneck is in the green category (transfer related) and then add a press burden rate, a target SPM for each job in your study (what would make you happy?).

4- Print the business case and get a starter budget

Print out the summary of what results you are hoping to achieve and work with your T-SIM representative to choose an option that works best for you and your company.

NOTE: T-SIM service department has the ability to put an improvement guarantee on projects. As long as the sample set is large enough and we understand the current bottlenecks, we are happy to complete the study with zero financial risk to you and your company.

5- Track the results!

As you run faster rates, there will likely be new issues that come up. T-SIM will provide the appropriate data but it will be your decision whether to accept the new rate or fix the next bottleneck for the better rate.

Tracking your T-SIM results is singlehandedly the most important thing you can do to understand common problems and know exactly how to prevent them on future jobs.

6- Report the Results and get T-SIM in your budget

Take the spreadsheet directly to your CFO and show them exactly what happened step by step. What was your original target vs what you actually achieved at the press? What decisions needed to be made along the way and what data did T-SIM provide to help make those decisions? Full transparency.

If you would like to work directly with a T-SIM Representative to create your business case, click here to schedule a call.

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