What People Think about our Transfer Simulation Service

We know how well our Transfer Simulation software works, but we want you to hear from some of our customers. Below are testimonials describing the many different ways we've helped a variety of companies.

"We like how simple T-SIM Solutions makes it for us to get valuable simulation results with step-by-step corrective action reports, and realistic video simulations. On our first project with T-SIM we gained 8 SPM! We went from 10 to 18 SPM, that's an 80% increase!"

Mr. Yucel - Dostel - www.dostelmakina.com

"We've had fewer problems and frustrations with home-line runoff on projects run through your Transfer Simulation. What typically took a few days of press time is now done in a single shift. Our production rates have increased significantly."

Andy Szczepanski - Matcor-Matsu - www.matcor-matsu.com

"We've been working with T-SIM Solutions for about 3 years now. Prior to this, without transfer simulations, problems that required extensive amounts of extra machining were routine. Since working with T-SIM Solutions, we have seen very little - to no extra machining after the implementation of our tooling into customer's facilities."

The team at T-SIM Solutions always offers reasonable solutions in a timely manner to achieve the end goals of our company. It has been a pleasure working together, and I see even more opportunity for both of our companies to grow together."

Bob Henning - Datum Industries - www.datumindustries.com

Our Customers love the benefits of transfer press optimization

"Thank you for your help on the many projects so far. We appreciate that T-SIM Solutions regularly goes beyond the original scope of work, and you are always willing to assist our designers with any questions. Your knowledge of our customers' press lines have identified and solved many issues for us. T-SIMs Solutions has a great team of people to work with and I would recommend them to anyone. I look forward to working with you on upcoming projects."

Best Regards,

Brian Barker - Manor Tool & Die Ltd. - www.maxdie.com

"The key benefits of using T-SIM Solutions transfer simulation, to us, are as follows;
  • We address transfer interferences right up front, in the design.
  • We feel confident that when we send our tooling to our customers, that it can runoff without the transfer fingers crashing.
Since using T-SIM Solutions transfer simulation, our runoffs go a lot smoother."
Steve Lameyer - S.T.M Manufacturing, Inc. - www.stmtooling.com

Increase production rates, Get rid of headaches!

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