How Transfer Press Line Simulation Helps

T-SIM CAR Report

T-SIM Solutions and its suite of software packages streamlines the press line production process from start to finish. Identify and eliminate bottlenecks, optimize part production, and realize your maximum parts per minute before running a single piece of steel. T-SIM software helps with every step of the process, from design and cost analysis to production and project management.

At T-SIM, we believe that data is king... science, not feeling - data, not intuition - facts, not opinion. T-SIM Transfer Simulation gives you all the data you need up front so you can achieve your maximum productivity and efficiency.

T-SIM Solutions helps with your overall workflow and capacity planning. By optimizing your existing tooling and providing you with the actual SPM that you will achieve, as well as immediately demonstrating your ROI, press time can be maximized for the entire production year.

Reporting with T-SIM is a breeze, giving you all the information you need exactly when you need it. Important and cost-saving decisions can be easily made with the data that T-SIM provides.

With T-SIM, the results are clear: faster, more accurate production = less time and money and more available press time.

T-SIM Transfer Simulations work with any tri axis transfer system and will optimize production on both mechanical and servo presses. We regularly serve stamping facilities, build shops, designers and manufacturers within multiple industries including aerospace, automotive, appliance, defense and heavy equipment, to name a few.

  • Eliminate clashes & clearance issues before tools are built
  • Minimize initial setup time for tooling
  • Ensure a smooth and successful Home Line Run Off
  • Optimize transfer & press motion for maximum productivity
  • Try out your tooling before any steel is ordered or cut
  • Increase production efficiency for tooling already in production

Our unique and proprietary transfer simulation service doesn't stop with just tri-axis. We are currently testing and debugging tooling and transfer simulations for cross bar, tandem and robotic applications as well. T-SIM Transfer Simulation software is available starting in June of 2016. Click here to view more information about T-SIM Software.

If you have a unique situation, please give a call or send us a message... We may be able to help.

Getting started is EASY... Just provide us with Press/Transfer Specs and the Die Design File, then we provide you a Detailed Correction Action Report (C.A.R.)

Schedule a Simulation Now to get your RQF packet, it's really simple... We Promise.

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